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Looking great at Homecoming is not just for the ladies!

By October 1, 2015May 11th, 2019No Comments

Looking great at Homecoming is not just for the ladies. For young men – high school or college age –Homecoming is the perfect time to define a new look for those special pictures.
You’ll be happy to know that young men have a great deal more “hair style” latitude today than they have had in the past. Where once short hair was the only acceptable choice for young men in the main stream, now the number of styles that can worn are as varied as your imagination.

No matter which style you choose, the new look should always start with a good hair cut.
When you’re choosing our look, you should consider the amount of time you have each day to put into maintaining your hair. If you’re a “shower and go” kind of guy, it’s best to choose a style that won’t require styling every day. If you’re willing to spend some time styling your hair before you head off to school or a date, you can explore some of the more high maintenance styles. Just remember, even though you’re a guy, you do have options.

Another factor to consider when you’re exploring a new look is your personal style. For a laid back look you might choose one of the latest trends for young men – hair left long in front with messy, uneven bangs that hang into the eyes. It’s a style that’s fairly easy to maintain – just comb your hair forward and use your hands to smooth down the edges.

No matter what your style, you can give you hair a more dramatic look with color – dying your hair blonde or black will definitely keep you trendy. Another way of using color is with “emo” hair. With this non-style, style, the hair is usually dyed black with using other colors in different ways to create a fringe or a spot of color within the style.

If you’re looking for inspiration, you might look in teen magazines or in books at the barbershop. While you may not want an extreme style like many rock stars have, if you find a look on a favorite star, take a picture to your barber to see how that style can be adapted to work for you. Remember, you don’t have to stick with that tame, short conformist hair cut.

While punk hairstyles are still quite popular as well, I would suggest consulting your date before you show up to pick her up for Homecoming sporting a Mohawk or a spiked hair style.

Somewhere between the short conformist hair cut and the extreme Mohawk is one of my favorites – the Faux Hawk. This is a trendy look for young men who want to show they have fashion sense without adopting a high-maintenance style like the Mohawk. Its origins are in the Mohawk, but instead of shaving the sides of the head, the hair is worn short on the sides and longer on top. How the hair is styled is a matter of personal taste. It can be styled with the longer top hair standing up like a regular Mohawk or it can be adjusted to a more traditional look.

If you have curly hair, consult your barber about hair products that eliminate frizz and give your style a smoother appearance. With curly hair it is important to find a barber who knows how to cut curly hair. There are many styling products such as hair gel to keep your hair strands in place.

The trend in hairstyles that is most common among young African American men is to cut the hair short and create a straight edge. Personal preference and style will help you select this style or a more ethnic look with longer curly hairstyles. Natural hair is also an option for black men who want to wear dreadlocks or twists.

As I advised the girls, visiting a local beauty college like AAC for your new look is an economical option. You will find barbering students who are skilled and up-to-date on current styles. They know how important it is for you to look great for all of the Homecoming activities. To schedule your appointment, call 904.213.1416. While you’re on the line, ask about our homecoming special.