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Is Cosmetology the Right Career for Me?

By October 1, 2015No Comments

Is Cosmetology the Right Career for Me?


For the next month or so, I’d like to talk about how you decide if Cosmetology or one of the “parts” of cosmetology is the career for you.

You can roam around our site and learn more about Cosmetology, Barbering, becoming a Nail Specialist, Skin Specialist or taking on skin and nails to become a Full Specialist. AAC offers all of these programs and they’re taught in professional, yet comfortable and friendly surroundings.

We’ll talk more about specialties and provide you with great reference sources over the next few weeks. First, let’s delve into who should choose beauty school. A career in cosmetology could be right for you for many reasons.

High School Graduate – You may be a soon-to-be or recent high school grad looking for a career in an industry that is always growing and will provide you with financial security. Well, let’s talk about financial security – did you know that in 2012 jobs in the cosmetology industry for stylists are expected to increase by 14.7% and 22.7% for nail technicians.

Mom – Ready to re-join the work force, but want a satisfying career that will provide you with a great income AND the flexibility you’ll need to take care of your family responsibilities. As a career in any one of the Cosmetology specialties will fulfill your needs.

Boredom – The job you’re doing is boring – sitting in a cubicle doesn’t provide you with a great creative outlet! Because AAC offers evening classes to work around your fulltime employment, you can begin learning something new and rewarding. Put the fun back into your life – almost like starting over.

Dead End Job – If you’ve hit the glass ceiling or reached the top of the corporate ladder and discovered that the view is not what you thought it would be – could be time for a change. The career opportunities with a Cosmetology education are endless. You may decide to style hair or you may style hair on a cruise ship. The opportunities are there and class schedules at AAC are flexible.