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Get Out of Your Dead-End Job

By October 1, 2015May 11th, 2019No Comments

We’ve covered a variety of topics over the last few weeks. Our original topic was “Is Cosmetology the Right Career for Me?” We’ve talked about high school students/graduates who are looking for a career and about moms getting ready to re-enter the work force. We even covered attending beauty school as a solution for those who are creative and stuck in a cubicle – bored!

There’s a difference between being bored and being stuck in a dead-end job. If that’s your situation, the beauty industry can provide you with a rewarding, fun option. A career in Cosmetology is great if you enjoy people. Are you flexible and able to get along with all personality types? Salons are designed to provide a friendly and comfortable atmosphere for patrons and as a result provide the same atmosphere for Cosmetologists.

Ready to start investigating? Learning is available at all hours! At AAC you will find day and evening classes that will make it possible for you to work your school schedule around your work schedule – keep earning while you’re learning.

Once you graduate from beauty school, you’ll have a variety of opportunities for plying your trade. Of course, you will probably start in a salon. Before you begin working “behind the chair”, you will need to hone your communication skills. Listening to your clients and being able to understand what they are looking for in a styling service are key elements to your success.

Compared to many careers with similar wages, Cosmetology training typically requires about a year of training before you are eligible for certification. Taking less time to jump into a new, profitable career is great if you are making the change after you’ve been in the job market for several years.

Great News! The economy won’t matter to you. Your Cosmetology license provides you with an almost a recession-proof career. No matter what the economy, people seldom resort to cutting their own hair. You might even see an uptick of clients who try and fail at performing their own services and come to you for help! In addition, your job is portable…you will be able to find work almost anywhere – small town or big city. Your license is the first tool you will need to find a job in the exciting beauty industry and your skills combined with your pleasant personality will keep your clients coming back once you are working.

As if that weren’t enough, a career in Cosmetology also gives you the flexibility of becoming an entrepreneur – you can start your own salon or rent a booth in a salon and be your own boss. These options allow you to set your own schedule and usually result in increased income.

If you’re ready for a tour or would like more information let me know. Send me an e-mail right now – Click Here.