Beauty School Offers Full Specialst Program with Scholarship Opp

We’re interrupting our regularly scheduled blog topic – “Is Cosmetology the Right Career for Me?” – for a couple of days to provide interested parties with information about the AAC Full Specialist program beginning October 1, 2012. (AAC is offering a Scholarship Opportunity for this class start – up to $5000.)

Start Now – You’ll be learning from the best! This class is led by Ms. Kristina Cason, a new addition to our staff and a certified Medical Assistant who has been medi-spa trained by a renowned physician. Kristina has many years of experience as a licensed Cosmetologist and as a certified Medical Assistant. She’s ready to share her wealth of knowledge with you in the Full Specialist program – she teaches advanced nails and skin. Learning from such an experienced instructor will give you a head start as you begin your career in beauty.

Just so you know, Kristina also instructs in the Nail Specialist and Skin Specialist programs. Remember, a Full Specialist is not only an Esthetician (Skin Specialist), but a Nail Specialist as well.

The Full Specialist Program is designed for the student desiring to have the ability to provide multiple services to their clients. As a Full Specialist student you will enter the skin care program for a comprehensive study of the skin and treatments from the European Facial to Micro-Dermabrasion. You will be taught procedures that will prepare you to work in a spa/salon environment or medi-spa. The Full Specialist student will spend many hours training in the AAC Clinic performing services on clients.

The Full Specialist is a natural resource for women, teenagers and anyone else looking to improve the health, appearance and overall condition of their skin and nails. Even men are becoming more aware of skin care benefits and having the occasional manicure. You will work closely with your clients to provide preventative skin care treatments as well as at-home-care tips to keep their skin and nails healthy and glowing.

The skin care you will provide to your clients extends to the face and the body. The training and testing required to obtain a license ensure that you can capably perform a variety of services provided in spas, salons and medical offices. Facials are one of the services you will often provide. These facials may focus on anti-aging, rehydration, deep cleaning or anti-acne treatments. Skin care specialists can also perform micro-dermabrasion on the face or body, facial peels, body wraps, and the waxing of various areas of the body.

Take a look at some careers you may not have considered. Many businesses require the services of a licensed Esthetician (Skin Specialist). In addition to working in a spa or salon environment, many Estheticians work in areas like makeup artistry, mortuaries and doctor’s offices. Others work in the fields of esthetic product sales or education. Nail Specialists not only make beautiful nail sculptures, but many use their talents to manage prestigious nail salons, represent nail product companies like OPI , or share their expertise as a teacher in the beauty school environment.

Being a Full Specialist is a rewarding professional career that provides you with many opportunities for working in a variety of environments. Imagine being in a position to help your clients improve their personal appearance and boost their self-image. Not only that, but there are many opportunities for working in a medical setting where you might be able to assist people with skin disorders or damaged skin, such as burn victims.

The AAC Full Specialist program qualifies for financial aid. As I’ve let you know before, there are a variety of options and our financial aid counselor will help you find the one(s) that are right for you. You can also review Financial Aid information on our website.

Have any questions? Let me know. Send me an e-mail right now – Click Here.